Audible Productions

The links on this page are all discounted bounty URLs to the Audible USA website. I have produced these audiobooks under my company (Sirius-C Media Galaxy, Wilmington, DE, USA) for ACX and FindAway Voices.

Alternative Education

Creative-C Learning

Sane Child vs. Insane Society


Notes on Consciousness

Basics of the Science of Mind

The Vibrant Nature of Life

Coaching, Counseling


Coaching Your Inner Child

Creative Prayer

Emotional Flow

Normative Psychoanalysis

Oedipal Hero

Power or Depression?

Soul Jazz

The Ego Matter

The Lunar Bull

The Mythology of Narcissism

The Star Script

Walter’s Inner Child Coaching

Your Way to Autonomy

Eastern Wisdom

Basics of Feng Shui

The Leadership I Ching

Tao Te Ching

Dao de Ging

German Publications

Dao de Ging

Monelle (von Marcel Schwob)

Ödipus Suite

Great Minds

Creative Genius

Alberto Villoldo and Healing the Luminous Body

Edward de Bono and the Mechanism of Mind

Françoise Dolto and Child Psychoanalysis

Fritjof Capra and the Systems View of Life

Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Bull

Joseph Murphy and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Krishnamurti and the Psychological Revolution

Terence McKenna and Ethnopharmacology

Wilhelm Reich and the Function of the Orgasm

Holistic Science

Alternative Medicine and Wellness Techniques

A Science of Pattern

From the Ether to the Quantum Field

Patterns of Perception

The Secret Science

Law & Policy

Love or Laws?

The 12 Angular Points of Social Justice and Peace

The Commercial Exploitation of Abuse

The Roots of Violence

Leadership & Career

Your Way to Excellence

Your Way to Autonomy

Your Way to Innocence

Walter’s Leadership Guide

Walter’s Career Guide


The Better Life


An Ayahuasca Journey

Consciousness and Shamanism

Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living

Shamanic Wisdom Meets the Western Mind

The Role of Intention in the Shamanic Experience

The Shamanic Method

The Warrior-Scientist